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Prada Sunglasses - Is it the Devil Who Wears Prada?
By Amy P Williams

We all remember the icy and devilish boss of a fashion house Miranda Priestly who herself stilettoed across her glossy office floors perched on her Prada high heels and gave icy stares to her trembling subordinates by peeping from above her Prada shades! Who can forget Meryl Streep's class act as the ice maiden turned gorgon in the eminently likeable chick flick The Devil Wears Prada!

But in this article our focus will be more on the stylish and trendy Prada frames that every one would die for! And why not? Prada is one of the most famous, highly recognizable and elitist fashion houses of Europe, helmed by Miuccia Prada and is regarded as one of the most sought after designer creations, ranked in the same league as YSL, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and their likes.

And amongst the high street accessories that Prada comes out with every season, one of the most in demand items is the Prada frames or Prada sunglasses. Elegant, chic, sporty, stylish, trendy, classy, high end, unique, uber cool, sophisticated, astronomically priced, edgy, radical, head turning, eye catching, glamorous - these are some of the adjectives that best describe Prada eyewear.

Every second celebrity or model or movie star gracing red carpets at high profile events sports a pair of their trusted Prada eyewear to make a designer fashion statement. Celebs and socialites possess dozens of pairs of Prada shades to match every outfit of theirs.

And you too will find Prada frames to complement every outfit of yours. The sporty Prada shades go well with casual wear and sports wear, the beach wear collection is perfect for the beach bum look or for a bikini bombshell. The more formal looking Prada frames are ideal accessories for power dressing in the boardroom and they perfectly complement your business suit.

And then there are the wraparounds, the aviator style Prada sun glasses, night glares, big bold looking retro goggles perfect for a night out in some discotheque. There are also bold metallic frames, designer plastic or shell frames, semi precious and precious stone encrusted frames and so on and so forth.

In fact every season, Prada is launching its latest line up of differently styled Prada frames that boast of avant garde looks. The styles are sometimes unisex, while it also has separate collections targeted at men and women, college kids and for informal wear.

It is best to go for refined, stylish Prada frames with a relaxed feel, but see to it that they are long lasting and durable. You should also look for scratch resistant lenses with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes.

It is not always possible to afford purchasing Prada eyewear from designer boutiques. However, often these stores and malls offer end of season's sale when it is possible to buy Prada frames at highly discounted rates. Online optical stores also offer great discounts on your favorite Prada frames.

But don't fall for cheap spurious tacky looking fakes and imitations that can damage your sensitive eyes if worn on a long term basis.

Amy Williams is a fashion consultant specializing in Designer Eyewear advising sports stars and celebrities. Discover the fabulous range of Prada Sunglasses with huge discounts today at

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Replica Prada Sunglasses - Fashionable and Affordable

Replica Prada Sunglasses - Fashionable and Affordable

This fashion house actually came from Italy and interestingly set up by men. In fact, Mario Prada thought that women have no place in business, so no lady was able to include their input into their designs until he died, and the only person who was determined to take the reins was a woman.

With constant reinvention and their anti-status appeal, they have become one of the most sought-after brands for so many years. Of course, because they have already achieved stature, most of their goods do not come cheap. One of these is their Prada sunglasses.

Your Next Best Option

Prada sunglasses can be hard to afford by the average Joes and Janes. The funds could be used for more important endeavors, such as utilities, credit cards, food, transportation, car, and education. Yet you could be one of those who are torn by their innermost desires, so you wonder if there is anything you can do to at least come up with a compromise. What you could be looking for is the replica Prada sunglasses.

Before you freak out that you are being dealt with something illegal, you should know what replicas are. They are not against patents, trademarks, and copyright laws. Replicas do not carry any logo or even the name "Prada." Only the fake ones do, and they are the ones deserving to be tracked.

They are also not imitations since they do not look exactly like original Prada sunglasses, though those who do not really pay attention will not be able to tell the difference in the trend and styling. There are changes made, perhaps from the color of the lens or the frame to the materials used in manufacturing them.

In other words, replica Prada sunglasses should not make you feel like you are wearing a knock-off. There is no reason for you to too. This is because most of them are of high quality. You can make use of gradient lenses and UV-coated glasses. They bounce off UV light in order to protect your eyesight from the very strong rays of the sun.

The frames, on the other hand are not as durable as Prada but for $20 they will last for up-to year before new fashion comes out. This makes them superb for everyday use and convenient to change them as fashion changes with no regrets.

Of course, there are great sunglasses styles which are not replica Prada at that you can pick. Online you can research from sunglass trends, celebrities to get the right selection that suits your needs. You also have glasses with the typical style Prada is known of: stripes of colors on the arms. Some of them may also have rhinestones on the arms to add more effect or glamor into the glasses you are wearing. replica Prada sunglasses
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By Sunny Glassco

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